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2001 STUDIO Ltd is a 3D architectural rendering company in Saskatoon, Canada.
With more than 20 years of experience, 2001 STUDIO Ltd provides a variety of digital visualization services with superior quality, including 3D architectural modeling, rendering, and animation for residential, commercial and other projects.

Take Visualization to the Next Level.

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Commercial Project

2001 Studio has first class visualization services, from town centers to shopping malls, from renovated stores to newly designed restaurants, our studio has brought ideas to life through realistic visualization.

Residential Project

We have been a trusted service provider to many clients such as architecture companies, individual architects and housing companies. Past visualization cases include apartment buildings, residential houses and community centers.

Other Project

Our Studio goes beyond commercial and residential project and caters to different needs of our clients. Need help with professional portfolio or report and presentation? Your wish is our command.

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